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Forum IAS Prelims 2023 Test 1 With Solutions PDF

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Forum IAS Prelims 2023 Test 1 with Solutions PDF 

Every Student who is preparing for UPSC IAS Exam, must practice with UPSC test Series papers to boost their preparation and here, We are sharing, Forum IAS Prelims 2023 Test Series with Solutions PDF  [Prelims 2023 Test Series]

Features of Forum IAS Prelims Test Series:

Prelims 2023 Test Series – The only test series you will need to crack the prelims

Level 1: The 12 GS Mini Tests in this level ensures you read through NCERTs holistically once without getting bothered about other reading sources. It helps you build a sound foundation. Also, UPSC tends to ask time and again questions directly from NCERTs.

Level 2: The 17 GS Sectional Tests in this level ensure you have read through at least one recommended textbook for the subject and upgraded the knowledge that you have attained through NCERTs.

34 Preparatory Tests: The idea for preparatory tests is to dive deeply into specified syllabus and cover all the neglected topics. This feature will also encourage you to prepare and revise in a planned and routine manner with smaller achievable targets. Each of these tests will have 25 questions which you will have to attempt in 30 mins. This pattern will also test your speed and agility of mind, preparing you to handle stressful environment of the Prelims. The preparatory tests will be conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Level 3: The 5 Tests in this level will ensure that you have a timely and a comprehensive revision of all subjects. The questions would be a bit on the tougher side. It will help in developing the problem-solving skill and further develop your aptitude. It will also evaluate your knowledge base that you have built over level 1 and level 2.

Level 4: The SIMULATOR: The 10 GS Simulator Tests along with 9 CSAT Simulator Tests along with 2 All India Open Mock Tests will make sure that you have undergone different quality/difficulty and pattern for the Prelims paper by simulating the past 5 – 6 years of UPSC papers.

The simulators help to make the Prelims exam predictable for you. They provide for timely assessment gauging the competition. While Knowledge Base can be developed by reading standard books, the other aspect – problem-solving skills, elimination skills and decision making comes with practicing previous years’ papers and solving high-quality Simulator test papers. humanistic aspects (human geography) also make it suitable for students from humanities background.

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