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Last month study plan for Indian Air Force Group X and Y 2021 Exam

Indian Air Force group, X & Y recruitment notification for 2021, is out. The online application for Indian air group X and Y started on 22nd January. The Indian Air Force X and Y recruitment for 2021 notification PDF are also out where you can check the necessary recruitments for the exam. If you already filled this form before 7th February, then you must look for the Indian Air Force study plan, preparation, and syllabus.

The Indian Air Force Group X and Y exam dates scheduled to be held from 18th to 22nd April 2021 has been postponed for now and will be conducted soon. The selection will be processed as per the merit list. New dates will be announced soon, meanwhile you can have a look at the last month Air Force XY group preparation tips, then check out the important information from here.

Last month Indian Air Force study plan: Airman Group X, Y & XY exam

To clear the Air Force group X and Y exam in the first attempt, you must have an Indian Air Force study plan that covers all aspects of the exam that takes minimum time and give maximum results so you can clear the exam on the very first attempt.

Syllabus: Indian Air Force Group X Exam

Air force Preparation of air force Group X syllabus includes Physics, Maths, and General English of 10+2 levelJust follow your 10+2th level books for the Air Force preparation of X- group examination, and this will be more helpful than any book available in the market.

Last Month Indian Air Force study plan


Week TopicsTopics
Week 1English [All Groups]:

Reading Comprehension passages, Sentence/Paragraph Correction, Error Detection, Jumbled Sentences, Cloze Test, English Grammar portions incl. Active & Passive Voice, Word Formation, Direct & indirect Speech, Determiners, Preposition, Vocabulary [Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms & Phrases, One-word Substitution], etc.

Mathematics [Group X & XY]:

Ratio & Proportion, Simplification/Approximation, Percentages, Number System, Speed & Distance, Profit & Loss, Average, Inequalities, Sets, Relations, Functions, Complex Numbers, Trigonometry, Lines, Sequences & Series, Quadratic Equations, Matrices & Determinants,

End of Week1 English Test AND/OR 1 MAT Test + 1 Mock Test [Alternate as per suitability]. For Group Y, focus on English throughout the group.
Week 2Physics [Group X & XY]

Motion, Temperature and Heat, Work, Power & Energy, Gravitation, Thermodynamics, Kinematics, Rectilinear light, reflection and refraction propagation. Spherical mirrors and human eye lenses. Magnetism, Electricity, Ohm’s Law, Conduction, Simple Electrical Circuits, Current Heating, Electrical Power Measurement, Lighting & Magnetic Effects, Optics, Radiation, X-Ray Use, Simple Pendulum, Communication Systems, Electronic devices, etc.

Reasoning & General Awareness [Group Y & XY]

Inequalities, Seating Arrangement, Dates & Calendars, Order & Rankings, Coding-Decoding, Clocks, Puzzles, Directions, Cause & Effect, Assertion & Reason, Statements & Conclusion, Data Sufficiency, Similarities, Relationships, Partnership, Blood Relation, Advanced Coding-Decoding, Advanced Puzzles, Syllogism, Non-Verbal Reasoning: Figure Completion, Patterns, Cutting & Folding, Mirror Images, Embedded Figures, Volume & Surface Area, etc.

End of Week1 Physics Test AND/OR 1 Reasoning & GA Test + 1 Mock Test [Alternate as per suitability].
Week 3Mathematics [Group X & XY]

Differentiation, Differential Calculus [valued function– function’s domain, range & graph. Composite functions, Limit, Continuity of functions, Integral Calculus [Differentiation and integration, standard integrals with algebraic expressions, Probability, probability theorems, Central tendency measurements — mean, median, and mode, etc.

Reasoning & General Awareness [Group Y & XY]

Current Affairs, Indian Constitution & Polity, National Issues, Business & Economics, General Science, Indian and World History Film & Television, Science & Technology, Indian & World Geography, Culture, Important Dates, Events & Anniversaries, Environment & Ecosystem, Personalities, Sports, Currency, Books & Authors, Basic Computer Aptitude,

End of Week1 Mathematics Test AND/OR 1 Reasoning & GA Test + 1 Mock Test [Alternate as per suitability]
Week 4Revision & Mock tests
Exam dayGive your best.


How to prepare for Air Force Group X Y: Subject-wise

  1. English
  • English is asked in both the X, Y and XY group exam. The questions are generally asked from certain topics: error detection, synonym and antonym, jumbled sentence, comprehension, and active and passive voice.
  • To improve your English paper, the first thing you need to develop is a reading habit. For this, you can consider reading English Newspapers. Reading English Newspapers helps you to improve your flow of English, understanding of words, and basic knowledge of current affairs that also help you for the Y group exam. It also enhances your vocabulary of English, gives an idea about various content structures. This is one of the most important Airforce XY group preparation tips.
  • The framing of questions in this section of your Air Force preparation is also important. Look out for trigger words such as ‘neither…nor, either…or, however, etc.’. Further, try to differentiate between phrases like ‘agrees with’, ‘doesn’t agree with’, ‘strongly disagrees with’ and ‘most likely doesn’t agree with’, amongst others.
  1. Physics
  • The subject physics is applicable for the group X & XY The syllabus of physical consists of all the chapters of class 11th and 12th. The questions asked in the exam are of both numerical and theoretical type.
  • To cover the physics syllabus at the last minute, you have to focus on important topics like Thermodynamics, Electricity, SHM, Semiconductor, Electrostatics, etc.These topics are most important because most of the questions asked in the exams are related to this. You can take help from the NCERT class 11th and 12th book.
  1. Mathematics
  • The subject mathematics is also applicable for candidates who are preparing for the group X & XY exam.
  • To achieve the best marks in maths, you have to focus on the important and most scoring topics. While preparing for this, you must focus on Complex numbers, Coordinate geometry, Trigonometry, Integration and Differentiation, Determinants, Differential equation, P&C (Permutation and Combinations), and Probability.This is one of the crucial Airforce XY group preparation tips.
  • Topics such as BODMAS, averages, percentages, divisibility, unitary method, linear equations, etc. are fundamental topics and they come into use not just in Quant along with Reasoning. Cement your understanding in these areas first and then move onto other sections. Candidates should revise their basic concepts and they can refer to NCERT books of Class 6-10 for a better understanding of this section.
  1. Reasoning & General Awareness
  • Visualize the given information in the questions and analyse the possible scenarios and options. Counted as one of the crucial Airforce XY group preparation tips, this will help you in isolating basic information from the question, examine the missing link and assess the given options more clearly.
  • Keep basic and advanced reasoning books on your table as these books offer various shortcuts to solve the questions. Solve 4-5 puzzles daily to improve critical analysis skills and to be able to solve the puzzles in less than given time. Moreover, try to solve at least one practice test daily to identify their weak areas and to sharpen their skills.

Last but not least, you should maintain your confidence level during the preparation for the Indian Air Force exam. There isn’t a single answer to the ‘how to prepare for Air Force XY group’ question. There are applications/platforms like Gradeup where you can take an online class from experts, you can give mock tests, or attempt previous year question papers at a reasonable price. By using this you can monitor your performance and improvement. Take a good snap, healthy diet and drink plenty of water and give your best efforts.


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