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Vision IAS Mains 365 IR 2018 PDF

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Veda IAS Prelims Test Series

Vision IAS Mains 365 2018 International Relations PDF

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8 thoughts on “Vision IAS Mains 365 IR 2018 PDF”

  1. Sir, Please use your watermark at the bottom of the pages instead of the centre portion. Plz. Just a request, as it is hiding some portion of the content.

    Thank you so much for the work you are doing!

    • Sure I will try to make it more transparent.. As watermarks down are easily removable and people are selling this free materials by removing watermarks.

      Anyway.. I will make it more transparent. ?

  2. Dear friend,
    I have just one request (just one)! But before that, hats off to you! What you are doing is just amazing and appreciable beyond words. My entire studies of UPSC is revolved around your website.
    Coming to my request: Please do not put watermarks on the text itself. As you could also see, the watermarks hide the text completely. And I’m not exaggerating. Wherever the watermark falls on the text, the text is unreadable. Literally! No exaggeration here. Pdf file needs to be zoomed and read carefully when we read that particular area. It takes up a lot of time and is very cumbersome.
    I, for one, do not mind any number of watermarks, as long as they are not “on” the text. This is a really genuine request, and do not consider this as criticism of any kind, because I’m just a big fan of your website.
    As noted by you to someone else, that people sell this. Trust me, as a candidate, I can assure you that nobody buys from such unscrupulous people. That is the reason your website has such a large user base. Put as many watermarks, because it is your right to do so. You are providing the content, it is your right to put the watermarks. But please not over the text. Please consider this. Please, friend!

    • Sure.. Iam really sorry for what happened..

      Today I will sit and resolve the issue with an immediate effect.

      Thanks a lot for your kind words and suggestions…

      If anything needs to be changed please say it.. I will do it.

      Thank you

  3. thank u for this great work but a small request- please upload new pdf by removing the watermark which is displayed at the centre of the page making the content invisible,,thank u


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