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Best Telegram Channels for UPSC Preparation and IAS Preparation

Best and Popular Telegram Channels and Telegram Groups for UPSC Preparation

Following is the List of Best Telegram Channels for UPSC Preparation. We only share channels which we know as best channels.

The IAS/Civil Sevices Exam is one of the toughest exams, So it is essential for aspirants to get the right study material and be on right path to crack the IAS exam. There are many Telegram Groups and Channels which are helping the admins to provide study material and Test Series for free to UPSC aspirants. Here, you must be more cautious there are lot’s of Channels which lure you to pay for the materials and tests available freely in market

Why you need list of best Telegram Channels and Groups?

The answer is simple, Daily hundreds of channels are created and there is an urgent need of listing out what is best, otherwise it will become a mess to the studnts and that’s why we researched on it to give best for your preparation. As a result, the list is ready.

We made the list so simple, and guarantee that these channels will help you at most in your UPSC Preparation.

We found most of the Telegram Channels will stay inactive. So, until something important comes into action there will be no updates. That’s why you shouldn’t leave the channels, and our request is to share our website link and these Telegram Channel links to the needy aspirants.

As you know, our services are permanently free and we don’t take single rupee from students, and we made it as our policy. But, at the same time we don’t leave any advertising opportunity which we get from coaching institutions as that income we use for the survival of and we are planning to give something big for free in near future, Stay Tuned….


Swamy Vivekanada [@SahasraSheersha]

Best Telegram Channels for UPSC

Best and Most Popular Telegram Channels for IAS/UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation:-

  1. UPSC Materials Prelims Mains PDFEverything related to UPSC from A to Z like Tests, Materials, Magazines etc. [This Channel Contains Ads]
  2. UPSC MaterialsAll Premium Books, Materials, Tests Links Available Here [This Channel is Ad free]
  3. Knowracle — All Knowledge Reladed Videos, Images and Updates Available Here
  4. Short Notes IAS — All UPSC Related Short Notes, Tricks Available Here
  5. Civil Service PDFAll UPSC Materials like PT365 PDF, Vision Monthly PDF Available Here
  6. UPSC Materials Notes — All UPSC Materials, Notes in PDF, Raus Focus Monthly PDF Available Here
  7. UPSC Test SeriesMajor Top Institutes like Vision IAS Test Series Available Here
  8. Free UPSC Materials — Some UPSC Updates available here
  9. UPSCPrelimsTestSeriesOnly Prelims Test Series from Major Coaching Institues in PDF
  10. UPSCMainsTestSeriesOnly Mains Test Series from Major Coaching Institutes in PDF
  11. UPSCOptionalTestSeriesOnly Optional Test Series from Major Coaching Institutes in PDF
  12. NCERT Books Official [Government Handled]All NCERT Books Can be Downloaded in PDF from Here
  13. APPSCBest Telegram Channel for APPSC and TSPSC [Only for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Students]

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