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My patience and dedication helped me reach my destination; says Nandini KR [AIR 1, CSE 2016]

Nandini K R, an Engineer, achieved the topmost rank in Civil Services Examination 2016 and accomplished her Goal of being a part of Indian Administrative Services.

Nandini took all her attempts being in service and managed to perform well as she had cracked this examination in her earlier attempt also and got Indian Revenue Services (IRS).

Even when the CSE 2016 results were announced, she was in service, undergoing training at NACEN Complex, Faridabad.

Letting know her journey Nandini said, “After my degree, I got a job; but that was just to secure my career prospects. Actually, very early in my life I had thought of career in Civil Services and when I started contemplating with idea of my career advancement, I even evaluated all opportunities available; but nothing out there compares Civil Services.

Candidly talking about the significance of Civil Services Nandini said, “In day-to-day life we commonly come across so many instances where you can spot the role of such officials. Moreover, while in my service, I have closely watched their work. I always wanted to work for masses and wanted to a part of pro-active government machinery for an effective service delivery.”

Acknowledging the role of society in her growth Nandini said, “Credit for my success goes to the entire society which has contributed in formation of my personality. Now, this success should help me in realizing my dream of delivering service and giving back to society.”

My endeavor started with CSE 2013 with a view that I will put in hard work and effort. I chose my Optional Subject that I liked and had a great interest. I picked up Literature of Kannada Language as I used to study Kannada Literature at very young age.

It is really close to my heart and it delivered its share also in getting the first rank. Scoring 331 marks out of 500 is really a decent performance.

When I began my preparation, I took guidance from a coaching institute. Besides, I used to read newspaper regularly. It helped me to some extent; but I failed due to half-hearted attempt.

My preparation was not accurate. Moreover, it was more or less hit and trial method.

Though in the first attempt I could not clear and I was left by 2-3 marks only. This was enough to make out that this is doable.

I learnt from my mistakes and most of my efforts were on the coverage of full syllabus. I used to read versatile books and study material.

I tried to understand whatever I read, so that my information is accurate. This helped me a lot in Preliminary Examination.

For Main Examination it was effective time-management and answer writing practice that helped.

I worked on presentation as it can just add to it ensuring decent marks.

I referred conventional books, and effectively prepared current related matter also. I used to think practically for every issue.

For optional my focus was mainly on text books.

In my next attempt, I relied on self-help and prepared for CSE 2014 at home only.

I had understood what all I need to prepare and I can manage it with self-study. Yes, I took some test-series for evaluating my preparedness.

This attempt was fruitful and I got rank 849 that got me Indian Revenue Service (C&CE).

I didn’t want to limit myself to this and I continued with my preparation. Last year in my third attempt, I could not manage my preparation due to dengue.

It was my fourth attempt and I had conviction that I could do it. And when I saw my result and Rank 1 was a pleasant surprise. My patience and dedication helped me reach my destination.

My supportive parents were there to back my plans and credit goes to my family for standing with me all the time.

As I was in job, it was really difficult to manage time for preparation. But, I just snatched time whenever I could and used to read in a productive manner.

Giving a world of advice to future aspirants Nandini said, “Always think and thank the society for all we get and be ready to give it back to society.”

“For success in Civil Services Examination just stay focused and always think of how to progress and achieve big success.”

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