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Feedback about Coaching Institutes for the year 2017, Every Aspirant Should Read this.

Feedback about Coaching Institutes for the Year 2017, Every Aspirant Should Read this.

First of all, Thanks to each and every one who participated in feedback program of 2017 and delivered their valuable feedback about Vampires, Oh Sorry Coaching Institutes.

We Collected this feedback in November 2017, but got no time to segregate them into single PDF. Anyway I got some time to make it now and am happy to publish it.

According to me, There Should be Coaching Institutes and We should not Eliminate them Completely from Existence, Am providing every material and Test Series of Every institute that available because they are charging high prices where poor cannot afford it. [My intention is to make the institutes reduce their prices.]

I got some hundreds of feedback but i have taken very few screenshots among them, I hope this Feedback will Help You in Deciding which is good and which is bad among the Deadliest Institutes.

Now We are Announcing the Winner of 2017 and please don’t think that we are posting this ranks by some wrong treatments, as we provided some proof for the Rankings in attached PDF and Coming to Ranks, We made the system considering all sections like Coaching Classes, Prelims Tests, Mains Tests, Response, Quality of Teachers etc.,

Vajiram and Ravi [Rank 1]

Vision IAS [Rank 2]

IAS Baba [Rank 3]

Insight IAS [Rank 4]

In fact,I was expecting Insights to occupy Rank 3 but, their 2017 Mains Test Series are Degraded in Quality, Mains Secure Questions are becoming worthless [This is from the feedback, Not my opinion and still insights got its position as its prelims tests are Good] So, This Makes Insights in Rank 4.

There are Two Institutes which are with Fame But They are losing it with some Irresponsibility,

farm IAS : This institute got its own popularity and they are good in 2016, 17 Prelims tests but Coming to MGP Program they made it a flop, Questions are not so great they just made the students feel this.

GS Scare : This institute is well known to everyone as they are trying to get our eye balls on them since all other institutes are focusing on increasing their Quality, these people concentrating on increasing popularity, But they cant fool Us. Their Foundation Course is an Utter Flop Initiative as they are lacking basic lecturers Except Piyush Chobey for Polity and PSIR Optional [Piyush got very good Feedback] . They dont even Provide all Subjects Videos [I am Proof for this, I got login from one of the Kind Student and when i login, I shocked with Surprise as there are 4 Subjects Complete Videos and remaining not available.

So If u want to Join any Foundation Course I personally Suggest Vision IAS is the best in this Category I had watched 2016,17 and 18 Videos they are very good in this, Especially their Geography is Awesome.

Though Vajiram is good in classes, They don’t Have Online Program. So Vision Occupied Rank 1 in Online Coaching.

[GS Scare is a failure in only Foundation Course But not in Test Series, For Tests its is still Good]

Now am going to introduce some Worst Players in this. These institutes lack basic Responsibility over the students who paid them huge Money.

Chanakya IAS [Worst among All]

ALS Coaching Institute

Neetu Singh Geography Optional [Worst]

Coming to New institutes like Civils360, Neo IAS, IAS Today, Orient IAS and lot more, My suggestion is If you have Money, go to Delhi and Join any reputed Coaching Institute, If u are Middle Class, Stay at home and Prepare well and follow my website and pay for mains online tests in Vajiram or Vision or any other institute and write them[This is to know how you are writing,without knowing this your preparation will be a disaster] and If are poor, Prepare at home and completely rely on my Site or any other online free stuff sites.

Please Make Sure, this Post Reach to every Corner of the UPSC World.

There are lot more to come in this list, I will Collect and Provide you with the Updates.

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26 thoughts on “Feedback about Coaching Institutes for the year 2017, Every Aspirant Should Read this.”

  1. hope now this institue …….. will not cheat needy student ….all student share this pdf everywhere …..they should know unity about student also …

  2. Sir please conduct a review of prelims test series exclusively also. As in, which Prelims test Series are the best in the market (rank)

      • Sir, yesterday u posted regarding how Insights blocked some aspirants access to test series without any notice and also decrease in quality of questions, and also you stopped sharing Insights test series in your Telegram channel…even after such issues how come Insights test series in third place??….I need to subscribe, plz clarify.

        • Yes.. Insights still doing this.. But I edited it because I thought it’s unnecessary and regarding 2017 Mains I got huge negative feedback.. But not on Prelims Tests.. They are still worth it.. And am going to share all their tests from today.. I will provide everything and no need to subscribe.

  3. Hello,
    Do you have any feedback for [shankar IAS Acad].
    I really love their stuff but as it’s my first time to upsc, I am not sure about it.
    would love to hear your feedback.


  4. How is the IASbaba daily quiz series?
    Please comment on IASbaba free materials which they provide.
    I’m not talking about their ILP prog…so don’t get confused

  5. I’m doing preparation at home. And I am enjoying it. It will be my first attempt.
    I’ve completed Geograpgy optional (I havn’t read the junk & worst material of Neetu singh or Alok ranjan).
    I have made a good grip over Gs2 & Gs3, completed static portion of GS1.
    This is all because I am not wasting my time in delhi.
    Every quality material/ test series from this site (freeupscmaterial) & lectrures from mrunal.org. And rest by myself.
    Why should I bother about anything??

  6. Thanks a lot sir but there is no feed back about drishti ias insititute i am plannning to join this institute and also following its monthly magzine for the last one year

  7. sir, i have lost my father’s hard earned money falling to coaching institutes fake promises. i dont get sleep whenever i think about it. your initiative is great sir. i will donate for the improvement of this movement. just out of college i was naive. all the coaching institutes in hyderabad are fraud dont join any of them.

  8. Iam from Tamilnadu and i don’t know abt institutes in Tamilnadu so pls give me your valuable feedback abt Kingmakers,vetrii ias acadamies in Tamilnadu and i am wholeheartedly appreciate your venture, am from a below corner of India bt still i get a materials from delhi based institutes this is possible by you thanks a lot ….god bless you…

  9. Hello
    Do u have any feedback for nishant mehra economics optional course??
    I am preparing on my own. Please provide feedback

  10. I want to prepare for pre 2019 , however I have covered syllabus last thrice This time I failing to complete by own .. should I join IAS today 90 days course or Civils daily course ?.


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