Gk Today 2016 Complete Materials New PDF


GK TODAY 2016 Complete Materials [History, Geography, Polity, Economy, General Science, Art and Culture, Environment] in PDF

Click Below to Download, If These links are not working, ask in comments I will upload again and again [Links are Updated]


GK Today Polity.pdf                         1.25MB
GK Today Environment.pdf              2.49MB
GK Today General Science.pdf          3.75MB
GK Today Economy.pdf                    3.85MB
GK Today History.pdf                       4.25MB
GK Today Geography.pdf                 7.67MB
GK Today Art and Culture.pdf           9.02MB

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90 thoughts on “Gk Today 2016 Complete Materials New PDF”

  1. Hey can you upload other modules of GKtoday (Mains specific) or send them on my email id (if you can’t publicly).

    Thanks a lot.
    P.S – Same Id as given in the comment details.

  2. Respected sir, sorry for the disturbance . It is working and the key is valid. Earlier I missed the exclamation mark in the key.
    The materials r very useful. Thank so much . I pray for the continuance of ur philanthropism

  3. Sir pls upload monthly gk today current affairs and its mcq , gk today 2018 static also .
    Pls upload all gk today materials at one place .

    Ur doing a great job , takes for your kind support.

  4. Thank you very much.. But this pdf is protected.. kindly rovide password..because I am unable to add bookmark and note withour password

    • Please upload gk today module of polity of 2014.Format was best.i have searched everywhere but haven’t find whole module as pdf.please help


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