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 NCERT Books are Basics For UPSC Preparation and Everyone should start their preparation from NCERT Books only. Following are the links for NCERT Books both HINDI and ENGLISH



ClassBook TitleLink
11An Introduction to Indian Art Part-IEnglish      Hindi


ClassBook TitleLink
11Living Craft Tradition of IndiaEnglish      Hindi
12Craft Tradition of IndiaEnglish      Hindi


ClassBook TitleLink
6History-Our Past LifeEnglish      Hindi
7Our Past- IEnglish     Hindi
8Our Past- IIEnglish      Hindi
8 Our Past- IIIEnglish      Hindi
9 Indian and Contemporary World- IEnglish      Hindi
10  Indian and Contemporary World- IIEnglish 1 2 3 4 5 6 78
11Themes in World HistoryEnglish      Hindi
12 Themes in Indian History- IEnglish      Hindi
12  Themes in Indian History- IIEnglish      Hindi
12 Themes in Indian History- IIIEnglish      Hindi


ClassBook TitleLink
 6 The Earth  Our Habitat   English      Hindi 5
 8 Resource and Development   English      Hindi
 9 Contemporary India-I   English      Hindi
 10 Contemporary India-II   English      1 2 3 4 5 6 7
 11 Fundamental of Physical Geography   English      Hindi
 11 Practical work in Geography-I   English      Hindi
 11 India Physical Environment   English      Hindi
 12 Fundamental of Human Geography   English      Hindi 10
 12 Practical work in Geography-II  English      Hindi
 12 India-People and Economy   English      1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  11 12


ClassBook TitleLink
9EconomicsEnglish       Hindi
10Understanding Economic DevelopmentEnglish       Hindi
11India Economic DevelopmentEnglish       Hindi
12Introductory MicroeconomicsEnglish       Hindi
12Introductory MicroeconomicsEnglish       Hindi


ClassBook TitleLink
5Looking AroundEnglish   Hindi
7Our EnvironmentEnglish   Hindi


ClassBook TitleLink
6 ScienceEnglish
7 ScienceEnglish
8 ScienceEnglish
9 ScienceEnglish
10 ScienceEnglish
10 Exemplar ProblemsEnglish


ClassBook TitleLink
5Math-MagicEnglish       Hindi
6MathematicsEnglish       Hindi
7MathematicsEnglish       Hindi
8MathematicsEnglish       Hindi
9MathematicsEnglish       Hindi
9Exemplar ProblemsEnglish       Hindi  
10MathematicsEnglish       Hindi
10Exemplar ProblemsEnglish       Hindi
11MathematicsEnglish       Hindi
11Exemplar ProblemsEnglish       Hindi
12Mathematics-IEnglish       Hindi
12Mathematics-IIEnglish       Hindi


ClassBook TitleLink
11Political TheoryEnglish       Hindi
11Indian Constitution at WorkEnglish       Hindi
12Contemporary World PoliticsEnglish       Hindi
12Political ScienceEnglish       Hindi


ClassBook TitleLink
11Physics Part-IEnglish        Hindi
11Physics Part-IIEnglish       Hindi
11Exemplar ProblemsEnglish        Hindi
12Physics Part-IEnglish        Hindi
12Physics Part-IIEnglish        Hindi


ClassBook TitleLink
11Chemistry Part-IEnglish       Hindi
11Chemistry Part-IIEnglish       Hindi
12Chemistry Part-IEnglish       Hindi
12Chemistry Part-IIEnglish       Hindi


ClassBook TitleLink
11Introduction to PsychologyEnglish    Hindi
12PsychologyEnglish    Hindi


ClassBook  TitleLink
11Introducing SociologyEnglish       Hindi
11Understanding SocietyEnglish       Hindi
12Indian SocietyEnglish       Hindi
12Social Change and Development in IndiaEnglish       Hindi


ClassBook TitleLink
11BiologyEnglish       Hindi
11Exemplar ProblemsEnglish       Hindi
12BiologyEnglish       Hindi


ClassBook  TitleLink
11Financial Accounting-IEnglish       Hindi
11Accountancy-IIEnglish       Hindi
12Accountancy-IEnglish       Hindi
12Accountancy-IIEnglish       Hindi


ClassBook TitleLink
11Business StudiesEnglish       Hindi
12Business Studies-IEnglish       Hindi
12Business Studies-IIEnglish       Hindi


Single Google Drive Link For all NCERT Books in English medium     Download for English Medium

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