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Vision IAS Mains 2018 Test 3 With Solutions

Vision IAS Mains 2018 Test 3 With Solutions,

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33 thoughts on “Vision IAS Mains 2018 Test 3 With Solutions”

  1. Hi,

    Your efforts are much appreciated.

    Could you also upload GS Score 2018 Mains test series

    I understand the workload on you and I know that I’m asking too much, but would it be possible for you to reduce the time taken to upload the Mains 2018 test series of Vision and GS Score.

  2. Will you continue uploading IASbaba and Civilsdaily prelims series 2018??
    Cuz for last 2 weeks I haven’t seen any new tests from these two… and thank you very much for this website…

  3. “If you are asking 2108, I will share them if I will be alive till that date..”
    LOL..made my day:D

    Thank you for all the files and links..doing a great work..may god bless you ?

  4. What happened to Mains test series 4,5,…? Did Vision IAS threaten to sue you? Hope this site does not end up like Shashi Thakur’s wordpress.

  5. Sir plz upload question cum answer booklets for gs mains test series 2018 of VISION IAS . it will help for writing practice .

    • It works only for some extent,
      As you can’t get entire knowledge for UPSC in Q and A format as no institute can provide that.

      So don’t rely completely on them


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