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Vision IAS Prelims 2018 Test 23

Vision IAS Prelims 2018 Test 23 With Solutions,

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15 thoughts on “Vision IAS Prelims 2018 Test 23”

  1. Sir don’t judge the person without seeing the reality

    I know how insight is .no one is equal to them
    I am here .I am writing offline tests.
    Dnt spread negative.you know how good Vinay sir is?
    They have to pay rent,they have to pay for faculty. They to survive ..dnt they need money to live?think once .if you are running an institute everyone is sharing your test series ,if there are less number o subscribes what you will do?
    6,500 money is big a amount?is it a sucking a blood?

    I know when aspirants have iPhone 7& 8 even they don’t subscribe to test series .it is ethical responsibility we have to pay for their work.at least we can join one test series.

    If you are really facing the genuine problem.he will help many students
    And he helped also
    For many offline student he never asked money
    Even he is ready to support them financially

    He will correct mains answers scripts for free
    He never asked single rupi for main.
    Dnt judge the person without seeing the truth
    Dnt judge the person on just few thing

    I said the truth
    Insight is like god for many students
    He is prividing everything free in website like daily current aafirs ,editorial ,mindmap secure
    Never he sucked the blood of students
    He filled the confidence
    He will be there for all problems

    I said the truth
    You are doing good work

    But dnt damage others image
    You dnt have the right to it

    • Simple maths! Even if , Insights Sir, earning 3500 per subscriber on test series, considering 4500 subscriber per year, vinay sir might be easily getting 3500*4500= 1.57 Cr .

      Dear, 1st you need to understand the quantum of business this coaching are making. Please dont equate them with some small roadside business , despite working hard not earning even 50K PM, or Dont compare with NGO which is earning pennies.

      1st you need to understand the crowd who are using free test series. Basically, these are Veterans, poor candidates who cant afford Paid TS. Take Example of mine, I had subscribed 2016 and 2017 version of Insights TS. This year I am using free PDF of VISIONIAS.

      These Insights, IASBABA, Civils daily have their regular followers and newbies who think ranking mechanism works for them or TS is very Imp for success. If you follow subscriber of these coaching products, you will see more than 5000 subscribers…

      Please These people are not poor, they are earning in crores…

  2. thanks a lot air..I hope I’ll be calling u in april 2019 after clearing xam.. and meeting u personally.. 🙂


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