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Vision IAS Prelims 2019 Test 5 With Solutions

Vision IAS Prelims 2019 Test 5 With Solutions

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24 thoughts on “Vision IAS Prelims 2019 Test 5 With Solutions”

  1. hello sir .

    i am highly appreciate you hardwork for provide these expensive material in free of cost.
    please provide the preliminary test series in HINDI MEDIUM so that hindi medium students also benefited same as English medium

    Thank You

  2. Hello sir
    I wish to join offline pt ts 2019 in delhi. Can u please suggest which one to join. Although u have share everyones papers but if u have to say one name then please tell?

    • Please Don’t Waste your time and Money, for Prelims Tests no need to join any coaching, Bcz evaluation can be same with the professor or yourself.

      You can do better than them by finding your own mistakes, and for Mains you have to join a test series to know about your capacity, so for Mains Tests Join Vajiram or Vision in Delhi

      Don’t Join For Prelims. ?

      • Thankyou sir for your suggestion regarding pt.
        One more thing- I understand your point for joining mains test series at vision/vajiram. Please tell if you know- there are rumours that test are not evaluated they kept on pending because of huge rush in these institutes. Are u sure that joining mains ts- one will definately get to understand answer writing skill (im afraid if its like only writing answers in their building nothing more than that). If u understand my concern please answer

        • No.. They will not teach all that..

          For every point to point evaluation and learning.. Join Any low profile Institutes, which has less crowd, so that you can grab their attention. And This is true as more the students, less the feedback. But low profile institutions lack quality, so it’s upto you to find better one, Vision, MGP are over Crowded.

          • thank you, sir, for your effort but we can not highlight if necessary in any solution to revise again and again due to your thumbnail. so sir please upload genuine pdf

          • Hey,
            Thanks for your efforts in making things easier. Kudos!
            Just one request, is there any way to get the ‘Average scores’ of these tests? As in the stats which would help in showing the highest marks and the average marks? If possible it can be of sheer help.

  3. Hello Sir,

    I am new to this website and found very useful . Is there any way(I mean any timetable) to know tests are related with which subjects ?


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