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New Initiative, I hope this will Make a huge Difference

Hello Everyone, Thank you everyone for making this service a success, Since the blog started, I had never asked feedback about this service, I hope we are doing better, If anyone wishes any changes in the website, any other suggestion or criticisms are welcomed to make this a better place for aspirant community, Comment your feedback below, We are trying hard to make much more Success, but with all your help. As the people who are asking for regular updates, We have to remove all watermarks, Tracking items, so it takes time, and we are promising that all tests will be provided as early as possible.

First of all Sign Up for our Website News Letters, By entering Email in the below Section, You get every single update of this website directly to your mail which will be an easy way to access the content without missing single post, DO IT NOW,

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Now Coming to the New Initiative, We are are collecting all the revenue from advertisements and Donations and placing them aside for purchasing New tests and Materials, for the fact We bought an Insight IAS Prelims account with that money and after calculating revenues and expenditures, we have Rs. 8,300 in UPSC Materials Account.

We will be getting some more revenue from advertising but we are planning to get 2018 mains and 2019 tests from this revenue only [At least One Institute Tests will be shared according to schedule and we can depend on others for other tests and, We are strongly against Money pooling, Why because it in involves in Scams, as people gets easily corrupted, So Donate for the Cause, no compulsion, we can still manage by requesting the users who subscribed.

And Why I am Starting this so early? Because if you know confirm that one institute test is available here, you will get a chance to subscribe other institute or you can make sufficient progress without subscribing any.

Donate for the Cause

I hope this goes well, Thank YOU

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Disclaimer:- does not own this Materials, Test Series or anything we share, neither created nor scanned. we just providing the links already available on Internet. and also we doesn't Own any trademarks or copyrights of any institute like Vision IAS, Vajiram and Ravi, Gs Score, Insight IAS, IAS Baba, Forum IAS, Shankar IAS and others which we share are purely for Education purpose only and all copyrights and Trademarks lies with the respective Institutes/Comapanies only. We don't intend to either harm or encash your hard work, if any way you feel that our content violates any Copyrights or any privacy laws or if you have any issue, please let us know at [email protected] and we will definitely try to provide possible solution for the same. Thank you.

38 thoughts on “New Initiative, I hope this will Make a huge Difference”

  1. You are Doing an excellent service for the whole governmen services aspirants. Because of your initiative many students like me who come from humble backgrounds can even dream of competing in the exams. I would like to request one and all to please donate whatever amount you can for this great initiative.

  2. Hi sir,

    We will make sure we disable ad blockers for our site.

    Are insights tests 1 to t in english available? Pls upload it if yes,since insights revision timetable is starting soon. Also we will be happy if you can upload the question with answers below format (like you are uploading now) for insights test 6 to 12 since we can revise it multiple times.

    Thank you.

  3. Sir please try to give us GS Score’s Piyush Chaubey Sir’s 2018 test series of PSIR optional. I’ve heard that it is really good and close to UPSC questions. Please try to get it for us. I will be really thankful to you and your team. Also he provides certain guess questions before the mains. If possible please try to share those.

  4. Thank you very much. God bless you. Such initiatives will help the girl child who are discriminated to access a wide range of material especially when family does not support financially and even morally.

  5. Sbse pehle apko Sadar prnam aapki vjh se bhut sare grib bchcho ka bhla ho rha hai jinki hasiyat nhi hai coaching join krne ki aur mehengi test series khridne ki.aapse anurodh hai ki hindi me bhi test series aur new books pdf form me uplabdh krvaye.pta nhi ias bnuga ki nhi pr apko nhi bhulunga.May u live long and prosper in life.

  6. One of the best thing which is making civil services still a poor student’s game and preventing it to become a rich Mans game…. Is freeupsc materials. Org

  7. Thank You very much for your help and materials. It benefited preparation immensely and aspirants are confident about the exam

  8. I am a working professional with no access to coaching institutes and If I get through, it would be partly your effort..
    May the forces of Universe always be with you Robin Hood..
    keep up the good work!!

    If possible plz provide geography optional videos of any good institute on tele channel

  9. It is your All India Service serving as the epitome for the aspirants of All India Services. Wishes and prayers to keep on sharing.

  10. Sir, first of all thank you very much for the service you do, it helped me write mains last year and will be useful in future

    One request, please upload Shubra Ranjan latest Test series and postal study material, if you can. thanks in advance

    just donated according to my capability, but it feels small amount for the help u provide, Nonetheless deepest gratitude

    may God bless you

  11. Excellent initiative by freeupsc materials, for poor students. Thank you so much for providing everything under one roof.

    Plz also upload any essay class video lecture along with their materials.
    Thanks again.

  12. Great initiative, thanks a lot.
    Please make your search tab more accessible. It’s quite difficult to locate stuff some times.

  13. Sir you are doing really great. This website is a gem for poor UPSC Aspirants .
    Today 93 video lectures of Piyush chaubey sirPSIR has been deleted from a telegram channel n i am on my knees now..


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