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UPSC CSE 2019: Enhance your preparation with Online Mocks!

UPSC CSE 2019: Enhance your preparation with Online Mocks!


This post is brought to you by Oliveboard, an online exam preparation platform for government, banking and MBA exams.

With the UPSC CSE exams getting tougher by the day, you’re expected to be prepared for any kind of challenge. Mock Tests are conducted to assess the candidates’ performance. They provide a brief demonstration of the final UPSC CSE Exam, which will help you get acquainted with the various aspects of the exam, well before the exam.

Traditionally, UPSC Aspirants, have been taking the CSE Mock Tests in the offline (pen & paper) mode. However, it is now the age of internet and the pen & paper UPSC CSE Mock Tests have left the building. With everything rapidly shifting to the digital platform, UPSC CSE Mock Tests are no exception.

The UPSC CSE Online Mock Tests are more dynamic than pen & paper mock tests, in terms of feedback, analysis, and tracking. The significance of UPSC CSE Online Mock Tests, goes far beyond comfort and convenience. The UPSC CSE Online Mock Tests, if sufficiently utilized, have the potential to take the UPSC CSE Exam Preparation to a whole new level.

Therefore, it’s high time you switch to UPSC Online Mock Tests.

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Not convinced yet? Following are some of the advantages of shifting to Online Mock Tests for UPSC CSE Preparation:

Immediate and Insightful Feedback

Unlike in pen & paper mode, you don’t have to wait for your results for days with bated breath and nervousness after taking an Online UPSC CSE Mock test. Online Mock Tests give the results immediately. Which means you can immediately identify their weak points and start improvising them without wasting any more time.

Automatic tracking of progress

In online mock tests, your progress is automatically saved after each mock test. This means you can keep a tab on previous results which makes comparing results, to track progress or improvement, easier. The UPSC CSE Online Mock Tests also make you self-sufficient by helping you access and monitor your performance all by yourself.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Online Mock Tests provide a detailed analysis of your result which helps you identify which areas you’re weak at and what your strengths are. The overall result is broken down into the topics under UPSC CSE. The result shows you the number of questions you attempted in each section, time-taken to answer it, and your score in that section.

Accurate and unbiased results

In pen & paper mode, chances of inaccurate or biased results is high. Whereas, in online mock tests, the tests are marked by the system automatically, without any human interaction. This excludes any chance of bias and gives you accurate results based completely on your performance.


It goes without saying, that online mock tests are much more convenient compared to pen & paper mode. Online mock tests can be taken anywhere and anytime from the comfort of your home. The tests can be taken on Laptops/Desktops/Mobile Phones too.

Cost-effective & time-saving

Unlike offline mock tests, there is no traveling involved if you take Online Mock Tests. Online Mock Tests can be taken from anywhere; all you need is a computer/laptop/mobile phone and a decent internet connection to take the tests. Although online mock tests might seem expensive, they save a great deal of money (involved in traveling), time and energy.

Helps determine speed and accuracy

Speed and Accuracy are two very important factors to be kept in mind for UPSC CSE Prelims. You have a total of 2 hours to answer each of the preliminary exam papers of UPSC CSE of 200 marks each. Online mock tests help you determine your speed and accuracy. It gives you details of the total time taken and time taken in each section and the accuracy.

Immediate solutions

Solutions are immediately available after every online mock test. This will enable you to compare your answers with the solutions and keep you from repeating the same mistake again.

These are just some of the advantages of taking online mock tests for UPSC CSE Exam.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a FREE UPSC (IAS) Mock Test now.

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